LTS Support Page

Internet Explorer Active X Control Settings

Manual Settings for Internet Explorer

Standalone -H04/08/16 Series DVR

HO4/HO8 User Manual 
HO16 User Manual 
HO CMS Application 
Central Management Software
HO CMS User Manual 
HO Mobile App for Windows Mobile V5.0/6.0/6.5 
HO Utility – IP Finder 
Use to find the IP address of your HO DVR
HO 4/8 Channel Firmware Upgrade 
HO 16 Channel Firmware Upgrade 

Standalone – C2Max DVRs

C2 Quick Start Guide 
C2 MaxD Series DVR Quick Start Guide Version 201204(1).pdf 
C2 User Manual 
C2 .dav Video Player 
Windows Media Player H.264 codec 
(only for Windows XP and Vista to play the AVI files exported from C2MAX DVR) Not Necessary for Windows 7
C2 PSS for Windows v4.05.0 Application 
(Central Management Software)
C2 PSS for Windows User Manual 
C2 PSS for Windows Quick Start Guide 
C2 iPSS for Mac v4.04.7_T 
(Central Management Software)
C2 iPSS for Mac Manual 
C2 PSS for Windows 8 
C2 iPSS for Mac OS Lion Quartz Patch 
Install this file prior to installing iPSS on MAC Lion OS
C2 Mobile App for Android OS 
C2 Mobile App for iPhone 
C2 Mobile App for Windows Mobile v 6.5 
C2 Mobile App for Blackberry 
C204, C208, C216 Firmware Upgrade 2011-05-27 
Not compatible with Model “S” C2 DVR
C204-S & C208-S Firmware Upgrade 
C204S & C208S DVRs ONLY
C216S Firmware Upgrade 
Only Compatible with C216-S
C2 HDD Download Utility & Instructions 
C2 HDD Reader
Schedule Backup 
Backup your DVR over your Network.